Physical Abilities Test

City of Rossford, Ohio 

Fire & Rescue Department


A Physical Ability Test will be administered to individuals who have successfully applied and have interviewed with the Fire Chief or his designees. The test is timed and will be scored on a pass/fail basis. The events of the test will be performed in a continuous fashion, and a candidate’s time will begin with the first event and end with the final event. Candidates will be required to wear a fire coat, boots, helmet and air pack. The events, as they appear in the actual test, are listed below.

HOSE ROLL EVENT: Roll and unroll a length (50 feet) of 2½ inch fire hose.

HOSE LINE ADVANCE EVENT: Pick up nozzle attached to hose, place it over shoulder and drag 150 feet of hose to a designated line. After crossing the line, turn around and return hose to starting point. Place hose and nozzle on ground. Forward progress must be maintained during this event.

LADDER CARRY EVENT: Lift a 16 foot ladder from the bracket by the red rungs. Turn and carry the ladder around a traffic cone and return the bracket (a distance of 90 feet). Replace the ladder on the bracket with the red rungs at the red mark on the horizontal brace. The ladder shall not touch the ground.

LADDER HOIST EVENT: Stand between a ladder and a building. Grasp the rope and using a hand-over-hand motion, hoist the ladder until it stops. Ladder will then be lowered using the hand-over-hand motion. At no time shall the rope slip through the hands. A standing position must be maintained while raising and lowering the ladder.

VENTILATION EVENT: Stand on pavement and strike a railroad tie with eight (8) pound sledgehammer. You must strike 56 consecutive times. Sledgehammer must be swung with sufficient force. Raising the sledgehammer and letting it fall does not constitute sufficient force and will not be counted as a swing.

HI-RISE EVENT: Carry a high-rise hose pack (one 50 foot section of 2½ inch hose) up to the second floor of the fire station. Return to the first floor; repeat to the second and back down to the first. Carry a 50 foot section (1¾ inch hose) to the second floor, return to the first floor; repeat to the second floor and back down to the first.

CARRY EVENT: Pick up a hose dummy (75 pounds) and carry it to the designated finish line where it is to be placed on the ground. Once the designated starting line has been left, the dummy must not touch the ground until the applicant crosses the finish line. The dummy may be carried any way that is possible; however, it must be off the ground.

 Any questions on the exam, please feel free to call me.

Josh Drouard

Fire Chief

419-666-0210 ext. 30