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Fire Operations

Fire Operations responses are up nearly 50% from 10 years ago, following the overall trend discussed earlier in the report. In 2017, we did not see any major losses due to fires, despite 181 fire-related calls for service.
Of the fire responses that were not false-alarms, the majority were for reported building fires. This includes automatic aid and mutual aid with surrounding communities.
Asst. Chief Ryan Stautzenbach, Capt. Andrew Vascik and volunteer Ben Yoder were recognized for the countless hours they contributed to the Glenwood Road burn. Additionally, Northwood Fire Chief Joel Whitmore, Dep. Chief Randy Roslin, and dozens of their firefighters assisted in preparation.
The months of effort culminated into a weekend of real-world training burns for Rossford and our mutual aid partners. This experience better prepared your firefighters for the ‘real deal,’ as the design of most training centers make it challenging to replicate realistic conditions. More acquired structure burns are in the works for 2018.

Fire Chief

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