Employment Opportunities

City of Rossford, Ohio 

Fire & Rescue Department

Pre-Employment Information

Pre-Employment Requirements:

1.  An oral interview with Fire Chief and Command officers.

2.  Physical Abilities Test. This is a Pass / Fail ONLY:

            A) If fail, no retake that day. May be rescheduled during next test dates.

            B) If pass, you will go on to the next step.

3.   Physical by Physician (Faxed results may be sent to the Fire Department 661-4288)

4.   Must sign for Background Check.

5.  Appointment by Mayor.

First Year as Firefighter Requirements:

1.  Must be available to commit to first available Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course. This course could be held Tuesdays and Thursdays or Mondays and Wednesdays depending on course location. The EMT class will last four (4) months and the class is 120 hours.
2. Upon completion of EMT course, you must attend the State of Ohio 36 hour Basic Firefighting class. This class will be held at Rossford Fire Station.
NOTE: Both of the above courses are required to be a City of Rossford Fire Department employee.
3. You must attend weekly drills held every Monday either in the morning from 0900-1130 or in the evening from 1830-2100. Must be present for 3 of the 4 monthly drills. May only be excused from drill by Assistant Chief or Fire Chief.
4. During your first year, your EMS and Fire call attendance will be closely monitored and evaluated regularly. After Midnight response as well.
5. During your first year you will be assigned a Field Training Officer (FTO) who will be responsible for you and your progress as a City of Rossford Firefighter. Any problems that you may have during probationary year you will contact your FTO.
6. All new employees will sign a schooling reimbursement contract for both Fire and EMS training.

Probationary One Year Evaluation:

At the end of your first year, all your evaluations will be reviewed. Based on set criteria, you will then be made a regular employee or if all training hasn’t been met, your probationary period may be extended or employment terminated.

Minimum Requirements:


Eligible candidates must become residents of the City of Rossford immediately upon appointment.


Applicants must be 18 years of age to be eligible to participate in the Physical Abilities Test.

Physical Ability Examination

Information on the Firefighter Physical Ability Examination can be viewed here.

Medical Standards:

A medical waiver of liability prior to the Physical Ability Test must be signed and witnessed the day of testing.

Directions to the Test Site:

City of Rossford Fire Station 

133 Osborn St. Rossford, Ohio 43460 

Phone 419-666-0210 ext. 230

E-Mail us at info@rossfordfire.com