2019 Don’t Slide Under The Truck

On Saturday, August 3rd, the Rossford Fire Explorer Post will be putting on Don’t Slide Under the Truck Explorer. This will be the Tenth Annual Scenario Day at Owens Community College Center for Emergency Preparedness in Walbridge, Ohio.  The Scenario Day is a full non-stop day where Post Advisors step back and let the Explorers do it all… Except drive the vehicles. Advisors only intervene when asked by the Explorers to do so. This will be an all day event beginning at 0900 hours and ending at approximately 1500 hours. During this time, Fire and Police Explorer Posts in attendance will get the chance to run calls running lights and sirens. Each Post will be assigned a department/station number. Calls for the fire departments will range from motor vehicle accidents, and structure fires (search and rescue mazes) to all sorts or EMS scenarios ranging from gun shot wounds to bloody noses. The only thing Explorers will be asked to do on the MVAs is patient care and hazard mitigation. Police Posts will take calls ranging from traffic stops to hostage situations. All National Exploring rules and regulations will be followed and strictly enforced by staff. Explorers will be dispatched to the calls by professional dispatchers via portable radios that will be on each truck or unit. The dispatchers we will be using are dispatchers by career. It is possible that an air ambulance, or two, will land during the day. There will be multiple large scale disasters during the day and there will be several scenarios during the day in which fire and police will have to work together. Radio communication training before this event is a must for this event to run smoothly.

2019 Don’t Slide Under The Truck Forms

2019 Scenario Day Invitation

2019 Scenario Day Permission Slip – Must be filled out by ALL advisors, explorers and victims who will be attending. Please don’t forget t-shirt size

2019 Scenario Day Post Roster– Please use this form to help make sure that you have all necessary money and paperwork prior to sending in to reserve your spot.